Wall Mounted Recessed Bottle Filler

Are you looking to upgrade your gym space? If so, a wall mounted recessed bottle filler may be the perfect option to you.

Frequent problems with installing units in gyms is utilising the space available, a wall mounted recessed bottle filler quickly saves this issue. Plumbed and fitted directly into the wall, the unit isn’t exposed at all meaning it saves an abundance of space. This makes it a perfect alternative to a regular fountain.

The chiller is perfectly tucked into the wall hidden behind the bottom grill not taking up any floor space at all. Depending on the size of your companies gym, different chiller capacity options are available for you to choose from.

These include:

  • 12 litres per hour
  • 45 litres per hour
  • 90 litres per hour

Find the perfect capacity for your needs and upgrade to a wall mounted recessed bottle filler. The unit is equipped conveniently with a bottle filler with a large enough dispense area to fit sports bottles and also a bubbler for customers to use. The advantages of this unit are hard to deny.

Shown below is a diagram of how the unit will be fitted into the wall of a gym and which parts will be exposed.

Wall Mounted Recessed Bottle Filler for Gyms

Units are sleek, giving any gym a clean finish. For a closer look into wall mounted bottle fillers, click here.