We are a company dedicated to helping you fulfil your obligation to provide an adequate supply of drinking water in the workplace. We provide installation, rental, outright purchase and regular maintenance of mains fed filtered water coolers.

We understand current U.K legislation and we’re qualified to make recommendations for best fit.  We’ll help you to choose your new equipment and provide a place where you can leave it forever, in our safe hands.

To emphasise our commitment to providing a quality service, we’re an accredited member of the “Water Cooler and Hydration Association” We’re fully audited and our staff are trained and certified to the highest standards in the U.K water cooler industry.

It’s a well-publicised fact that bottled water may be no safer or better for you than tap water. Essentially, we take your tap water; help select the correct water cooler and use advanced filtration technology to provide you with a constant supply of high quality, purified drinking water.

We’re passionate about mains fed water coolers and we genuinely believe that our knowledge, high quality products and efficient after sales service distinguishes us from ordinary water cooler companies.

We can provide countertop, floor standing and under counter water coolers which are available on a rental basis or as an outright purchase. We can even service your own water coolers and provide a filter change and sanitisation service to help keep your equipment in good working order.

We are knowledgeable about water coolers but we’re always learning more. We understand the difference between direct chill, Ice bank and U.V technology and we know when to recommend a gravity fed or pressurised system.

Without ties to any single manufacturer, we’re perfectly placed to offer you the correct water cooler. Our promise to you is that we will never enter into any sole supplier agreements. That way we’re not restricted to recommend a specific water cooler for your needs.

We are a company whose philosophy is based on a genuine desire to always put our customers first. Whether you are a large multinational company or a small business with less than 10 staff, to us there’s simply no difference.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our website please feel free to contact us directly at the office on 01925 235 140 or contact us via email here.

Water cooler supplier. The Thirst Alternative.
Water cooler supplier. The Thirst Alternative.