We find the best location for your new filtered water coolers.

A survey of your site before any work takes place will give you peace of mind. It’s the perfect time for your water cooler supplier to explain exactly how the new coolers will be fitted, what work they will need to carry out and which mains water pipes they will need to ‘tap’ into to fit your new equipment.

The following information about making sure your new supplier completes a ‘site survey’ also known as a ‘pre-installation inspection’ and is for clients who have requested their equipment in one of the two following ways:

A:         Rental (never pay extra for any maintenance and filter changes).

B:         As an outright purchase (with an appropriate maintenance package attached).

Either of the two options listed above involves building a relationship with your new supplier which is why we would always advise that you insist on a site survey before your equipment is delivered to the site. “Site Surveys” (sometimes called “Pre-installation checks”) are a vital part of any installation process and you should insist that your new supplier completes one.

At this stage, it’s a good idea to inform your Building’s or Facilities Manager that you intend to tap into your companies potable water supply.  A “Site Survey”  is also the perfect time for your new supplier to perform any ‘risk assessments or “method statements” on your behalf.

Water Cooler Site Survey

We asked one of our suppliers to tell us why a site survey is vital and he’s kindly given us his permission to print his words –

“Most water cooler companies have “engineers” on the road providing regular servicing and installing new equipment. There should be no reason, even for a water cooler fitted on a kitchen worktop, why they can’t provide a ‘pre-installation inspection’. A company who offers an inspection for you free of charge should at least give you some indication of the levels of service to expect further down the line”. Mr. Nigel P Elwick – Trade Coolers Direct.

In certain instances, you may purchase your new water coolers or boilers from a supplier and request them as “purchase only”. In this case, you may need to organise your own site survey. If you have ordered your new equipment in this way (either from us or a different supplier) then we would strongly advise you take the time to read up on the relevant WRAS Legislation and also the Guidelines laid down by the EDWCA.  This will ensure that you are fully aware of your next course of action.