Why is water cooler servicing so important?

A water cooler without a frequent hygiene programme is a potential health and safety hazard for its users. To keep the bacteria levels in check, it’s imperative to organise servicing for your water coolers at the correct intervals.

We offer both Ad-Hoc and regular maintenance programmes for your on site water coolers. Click here to go straight to our contact us page and we’ll be happy to provide a written quotation.

How often should my coolers be cleaned?

Mains Fed Water Cooler Servicing – Every 26 Weeks

According to the Water Cooler & Hydration Association, mains fed water coolers need a regular service by a fully qualified technician every 26 weeks. This should include a full sanitisation of all internal parts, an external cabinet clean, drip tray clean and replacement chlorine filter.

Bottled Water Cooler Servicing – Every 13 Weeks

Your bottled water cooler should be cleaned more regularly, every 13 weeks to be precise. We won’t bore you with the science behind it but this type of water cooler simply has more exposure to the outisde air, hence it’s much easier for bacteria to grow. Our sanitisation procedure is almost exactly the same as above but you won’t require a replacement filter.

Fully Trained Technicians

We’ve been servicing office water coolers across the U.K since 2009 and we understand that it’s a big responsibility to make sure your staff have an adequate supply of fresh, wholesome drinking water.

Water Dispenser & Hydration Association Members

As a fully audited member of the WHA our technicians have been extensively trained in hygiene awareness & water cooler care. Whether it’s a mains fed office water cooler, a school water fountain or even a bottled water cooler, we’ve serviced them all. Contact us now for a quote.

We are U.K. distributors of the whole range of Borg and Overstrom, AA first, Crystal Mountain and Oasis water coolers and our vans are equipped with many spare parts. We also stock parts for Water Coolers Direct, Clover and Waterlogic. In many cases we can service your equipment within 72 hours of contacting us. We also stock an extensive range of water cooler filters and associated sanitisation products so please contact us on 01925 235 140 for assistance.

If your company owns any type of cooler or water fountain you will need to ensure that maintenance is carried out at regular intervals. The WHA recommends that companies should service their bottled water coolers quarterly and their mains fed water coolers six monthly.

Ensure that your visitors and staff are drinking from a nice clean water cooler by booking your service visit today.

Our package includes a sanitisation and filter change to maintain your water machines to the highest possible hygiene standards.

In certain instances, you may wish to sanitise your own water coolers. If this is the case you can buy servicing kits for water dispensers here.

If your water coolers have been installed for a while and you are concerned about bacteria build up inside the plastic piping, then please ask us about our quick and easy replacement plumbing service.

We provide both a ‘one off’ and regular maintenance service across the U.K. To request further information please contact us by clicking here or if you prefer to speak with us direct please feel free to call us on 01925 235 140.

We can adapt most types of water dispensers to fit our ‘3 Part Ecofilters.These filters can out-perform most standard filters. To find out more about our ‘3 Part Ecofilters’ click here

The Thirst Alternative offer both Ad-Hoc and regular maintenance programmes for your on site water coolers.

We calculate that an average mains fed water cooler provides around 600 litres of filtered water before it requires it’s regular 6 monthly service visit. (we take the hassle out of this by visiting you automatically if requested). The “3 part Eco Filters” fitted into each one of our coolers have been independently tested to filter 4,500 litres of water without any significant drop in performance.

To book a one off or regular maintenance service or to request further information please contact us by clicking here or if you’d prefer to speak with us direct please feel free to call us on 01925 235 140.