Water, on average makes up to 60% of our body weight and it’s crucial to our overall health. It’s great for our skin and joints, it helps reduce headaches and it can also help with the size of our waistlines.  Water is necessary for good health!  Read on as The Thirst Alternative reveals why we should drink more water and consuming a minimum of eight glasses of eight ounces of water per day is beneficial to our health.

We all know we should drink more water but many of us are not too sure of the reasons why. Forming a habit of drinking more water isn’t as difficult as you might think and we’ll help if you care to read on.

Before we start did you know that roughly 65% of your body weight is water and if you feel thirsty you’ve already lost 1% of the amount of water in your body?. So how would you stay hydrated, read on for further tips.

Office Water Coolers encourage people to drink more water

Weight Loss

If you can drink water as an alternative to high calorie fizzy drinks or even alcohol then you will be amazed at the health benefits that water can provide. You don’t even need to replace every drink, just replace one to begin with and build from there. Water has no fat, calories, carbs or sugar so you should drink plenty to help your weight loss regime.  We bet you didn’t know this – during  the first stages of thirst, the brain finds it difficult to differentiate between thirst and hunger and people often reach for food.  Why don’t you see what happens if you reach for the water cooler as it will often ease your  hunger. Water increases your metabolism and helps regulate your appetite.


If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated reach for a 8oz glass of water 8 times a day to help keep your energy levels up. Being dehydrated can lead to dizziness and fatigue. Dehydration is also one of the most common causes of headaches. If this seems like too much water to try at first, add some very weak ‘dilute to taste’ sugar free cordial to every other serving.  Once you get the hang of it, reduce the cordial as you go.

Healthy Skin

Now this one doesn’t happen overnight and you won’t see the results for a while but drinking a healthy amount of water can have a great effect on your skin. Drinking water helps give your skin the moisture it requires to maintain it’s elasticity and suppleness helping to prevent dry skin. The quality of our mains water is amongst the best in the world so why not have a glass first thing in the morning?. If you don’t like the taste of non filtered water, chill it the night before and you’ll probably struggle to taste the chlorine.