Our Water Cooler Filters

We’ve added this page to our website to explain what type of water filters we use and why we use them. Should you require any further technical data about our ‘in-line’ water filters please contact us by clicking here.

It’s often the case that most of our clients prefer an improved taste that current U.K tap water just can’t provide. This is why we fit our filters to each and every cooler.  At this stage it’s important not to confuse taste with quality as independent tests show that U.K. tap water  is amongst the safest in the world. “The Drinking Water Inspectorate reported a 99.96% compliance for U.K. water companies in a nationwide test in 2006”.
www.which.co.uk )

Water Filters Used In Our Mains Fed Water Coolers

There are many types of water cooler filters available in the U.K. today and you may be surprised to learn that not all have been adequately certified for use. You may wish to  ask your new supplier to provide details of their filter performance data to avoid the hassle of a blocked filter before your regular service visit is due.  Most reputable suppliers will be happy to provide their filter certification and performance data.

Our filters are used essentially to remove chlorine and particulates which improves the taste of the water. Our Class 1 standard “3 Part Eco Filters”  have been independently tested by NSF/ANSI and have received the widely accepted ‘Standard  42 Certification’. They are tested to 99% chlorine and odour reduction and are recycled by us. Our filters are similar, but not the same as GAC (granular activated carbon) filters. Our “3 Part Eco Filters”  have a higher contaminent removal ratio than GAC filters.

Water Filters Used In Our Mains Fed Water Boilers

The water filters used in our office hot water boilers also have a built in scale inhibitors. Please contact us for further details.