Borg and Overstrom C2/3 Tap System

Consider the Borg and Overstrom C2/C3 as a new addition to your office. Hidden away under your sink, the sleek finish of the unit keeps your space looking tidy. Enjoy a variety of water options with this advanced tap system.

  • Plumbed directly to the mains water supply
  • Optimises Space
  • Contemporary Design
  • Chills as low as 2°C
  • Up to 80 litres per hour
Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

Product Description

The Best Bottling System for Hotels & Hospitality 

Our Borg & Overstrom Tap Systems bring high-capacity refreshments to any commercial setting. Our tap system is the ideal replacement for clients who are currently buying in bottled water to sell on to their clientele. They’re perfect for hotels, restaurants, bars and conferencing facilities too.  A simple pull of the chrome faucet provides thirst-quenching ambient, chilled or sparkling water. Our C2/C3 tap systems provide the perfect chance to improve your offering, whilst making limitless cost savings too. Eliminate the need for transport, storage and recycling with our environmentally friendly all in one package. 

High-Capacity Bottling Output 

Designed for endurance, our tap systems are engineered with quality construction always ensuring dependable performance. They deliver an impressive throughput of 80 litres per hour at a consistent chilled temperature, making them the perfect solution for busy environments. 

The Most Hygienic Bottling System available in the UK 

Our tap systems are fitted with Dry-chill technology, the most recent advancement in water cooling. This airless, sealed system features a rapid chill coolant coil for the ultimate in both hygiene and performance. This efficient tankless system significantly reduces the risk contamination and provides consistently filtered and chilled water from the first pour to the last. 

Our premium tap systems are both powered by an ultra-compact under-counter Procore which fits discreetly into any space. It’s also low maintenance and fitted with new eco-friendly R290 gas.  

A discreet, compact ventilation kit is included with this system allowing a continuous cycle of cool air. Designed to be fast and easy to install, the simple fit ventilation base enables the Procore to run at optimum performance. 

Integrated or freestanding stainless steel drip trays can be added to your tap system. Unlike ordinary carbon or alloy steels, it won’t ever corrode or rust. The integrated tray is compatible with the alarmed waste kit for added convenience. 

An alarmed waste kit is available as an option add-on for tap systems. This clever device emits an audible alarm at high water level and sends a signal via Bluetooth to deactivate the control panel. Preventing the tank from overflowing. 

Available in two models: 

Borg and Overstrom C2 Procore+: Supplies ambient & chilled or chilled & sparkling water 

Borg and Overstrom C3 Procore+: Supplies ambient, chilled & sparkling water 

Our C2 & C3 Hospitality Bottling Systems are available on a rental basis with fully inclusive maintenance or alternatively, as an outright purchase with further options for additional maintenance.  

Design Specifications: 

Chilled temperature: 2°C Max 11°C 

Procure+ chilled & sparkling capacity: 80 Litres per hr. 

Dispense height: 285mm 

Tap height: 470mm 

C2 Procore+ Chiller Dimensions: W320xD375xH335mm 

Chilled & Ambient Tap Dimensions: W165xD230xH465mm 

Chilled & sparkling Tap Dimensions: W165xD230xH465mm 

C3 Procore+ Chiller Dimensions: W320xD375xH335mm 

Chilled, Sparkling & Ambient Tap Dimensions: W215xD240xH470mm 

Simple-fit Ventilation Base: W322xD431xH60mm (includes 20mm overhang) 

Water Options

Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative


Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative


Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative


Product Dimensions

Dispense Area Height


* Trade-in your old water coolers

If you have 2 or more water cooler on site, we may be able to remove your old water coolers free of charge.

Under the WEEE Regulations 2006, you could otherwise be responsible for their disposal costs.

Call 01925 235 140 today to find out out more about our water cooler trade in scheme.

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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