Borg and Overstrom T2 Tap System

Durable and discreet, our T2 Tap System can produce sparkling water at the touch of a button. This is in addition to cold and ambient temperatures. This unit is Installed directly into your kitchen worktop, and perfect for dispensing chilled filtered or chilled sparkling water with ease. Available in a black or silver finish.

  • Plumbed directly to the mains water supply
  • Brilliant Space Saving Option
  • Contemporary Design
  • Chills as low as 2°C
  • Up to 50 litres per hour
Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

Product Description

The T2 delivers premium, filtered water with digital precision, matching sustainable design with complete convenience. Our T2 features an integrated drip tray and touch panel.  The T2 utilises the latest energy savingEcoMode technology for complete eco-efficiency and powerful performance.

A brilliant upgrade on the original T1 Tap System this advanced T2 tap can even provide water through the Borg and Overstrom Bluetooth app. A super hygienic addition providing water with a touch free experience, straight from your mobile phone.

The T2’s contemporary design delivers brilliant aesthetics. It features a premium easy-clean durable Fynil® finish, with antimicrobial silver ion protection as standard. This T2 tap system is designed to provide maximum hygiene in communal areas.

Our standard T2 Tap system provides chilled and ambient filtered water and we also provide an additional option of sparkling water too.

Designed and built right here in the UK, the T2 is powered by an exclusive, compact, ProCore® system complete with discrete ventilation. The integrated DryChill® airless, rapid cooling technology delivers the ultimate in hygiene and performance, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring every glass delivers perfectly chilled, filtered, fresh-tasting water.

The T2 features DryChill® technology, the most recent advancement in water cooling. This system features a rapid-chill coolant coil, all housed in an aluminium core for ultimate performance. This tankless system reduces the risk of contamination, while ensuring every glass, from the first to the last, is consistently chilled right at the moment before the pour.

This Borg and Overstrom T2 Tap System is available on a rental basis with fully inclusive maintenance or alternatively, as an outright purchase with further options for additional maintenance. 

Water supply: Yes 

Water pressure: Min. 2 bar 

Water Options

Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative


Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative


Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative


Product Dimensions

Dispense Area Height


* Trade-in your old water coolers

If you have 2 or more water cooler on site, we may be able to remove your old water coolers free of charge.

Under the WEEE Regulations 2006, you could otherwise be responsible for their disposal costs.

Call 01925 235 140 today to find out out more about our water cooler trade in scheme.

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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