Plumbed in Water-Boiler, Instanta WMS10

Perfect for the modern office environment, this Instanta WMS10 hot water boiler meets the demands of the well-renowned tea and coffee-loving office staff. We understand the importance of quick brews to pacify the cries of your fellow colleagues throughout the day. This 10 litre, wall-mounted, space-saving option is suitable for 40-60 staff and will easily meet the task.

  • High capacity perfect for up to 60 people
  • Stainless steel casing increased durability
  • Insulation to keep the water as warm as possible for as long as possible
  • Boil dry protection
  • Produces 27l of water per hour
  • Ready to use in 30 minutes
  • Reduces the health and safety issues associated with standard kettles
  • 10 litres instant hot water draw off
Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

Product Description

The Instanta WMS10 is a high performing wall-mounted boiler, a perfect solution for your hot drink requirements and for customers on a budget. This model is extremely reliable since it has a boil dry protection, and it’s insulated to keep your water as hot as possible. The model is stylish, compact, and long lasting. If required, it can produce a staggering 27 litres of hot water per hour, hot enough for tea, coffee, and other hot drinks. It can be ready to use in 30 minutes. It automatically replaces the water it uses as it’s plumbed in by us straight from your kitchen water supply. It’s filter (changed by us 6 monthly) removes both scale and chlorine, providing you with perfect tasting, instant hot drinks.

Fitted and serviced by us to the same high standards we provide to each and every one of our water coolers. Helps to reduce the health and safety issues associated with kettles in the workplace. 

Instanta are the brand leader in water boilers and offer an extensive range to suit any working environment. In order to protect the environment (and your electricity bill) please discuss with your thirst alternative representative who can advise on the best boiler model to suit your needs.

Water Options

Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative


Product Dimensions

Table Top

Wall Mounted Only - Height 480mm x Width 340mm x Depth 347mm

Dispense Area Height


* Trade-in your old water coolers

If you have 2 or more water cooler on site, we may be able to remove your old water coolers free of charge.

Under the WEEE Regulations 2006, you could otherwise be responsible for their disposal costs.

Call 01925 235 140 today to find out out more about our water cooler trade in scheme.

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative Water Cooler - The Thirst Alternative

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