Best Water Coolers for Schools

Best Water Coolers for Schools

Things to consider when buying a water cooler unit for your school is controlling spillages, ease of use, safety and deciding capacity. All of these can affect what units and models are best for your specific environment.

1. Controlling Spillages

Controlling spillages is a big thing to consider when purchasing a water cooler which is going to be predominately used by children since it may cause hazards such as slipping. However, having a big enough dispense area height to accommodate larger bottles fixes this problem. Dispense area heights under 220mm are something we encourage schools to avoid because its smaller than an average sports bottle. This means pupils will have to tilt bottles for access to the cooler which makes spillages more likely.

Some coolers we recommend suiting this requirement are:

2. Ease of use

To meet a high standard, school water coolers should: dispense water quickly, allow pupils to place water bottles directly onto the drip tray and ideally have one dispense button. This allows pupils to use the cooler as quickly as possible between lessons.

3. Safety

We recommend to schools that cowling kits are used during installation. These fix the unit directly to the wall and completely eliminate risk of the unit being knocked over. This is beneficial for schools where the water cooler may be placed in a busy location. Cowling kits can be added to any unit in our School Water Coolers product range.

4. Deciding Capacity

Deciding capacity means to decide how much water the unit needs to produce per hour. This greatly depends on how many people will be using the cooler. The greatest capacity offered is 120L per hour, which fills approximately 250 bottles each hour this is perfect for larger schools and colleges. Other water capacities offered are 15L, 25L, 40L, 90L per hour. Continue reading for our school water cooler recommendation.

What we recommend

Any water coolers in our product range are more the suitable for schools. However, in our opinion, we will always feel inclined to recommend the Cosmetal Niagara.