Borg and Overstrom B3 Water Cooler

This cooler has been hand – picked for our range as feedback from our clients demanded a water cooler with sleek looks which can be installed in even the most discerning office environment. Our Borg and Overstrom B3 Water Cooler is a great choice for offices looking for a classically styled water dispenser but without the premium price tag.

Plumbed in by us straight from the mains and suitable for up to 25 staff this dispenser offers the perfect alternative to a bottled water cooler. It can be installed by us using discreet ¼ inch micro-bore tubing up to 40 metres away from the nearest potable water supply. (If you’d like to know more about how we’ll hide the pipework, please click here.)

If your current white plastic drinking water chiller is cluttering your office aesthetics then please read on…

Built on the strong foundations of design and quality without any compromise

This Borg and overstrom B3 water cooler is the perfect replacement to the familiar plastic white water dispensers we often see installed today. Set in elegant silver and black panelling this water cooler will easily compliment even the finest of office interiors. if you decide to rent from us then we’ll even brand it with your very own company logo, free of charge.

Offering a marked improvement on Borg & Overstrom’s B2 Range this cooler is built on the strong foundations of design and quality without any compromise on its core responsibility – producing chilled, great tasting and freshly filtered water. Its clever functions make it more hygienic too. It’s shrouded taps – with wipe clean electronic push buttons help make this water cooler far less prone to bacterial cross contamination. This cooler can even even be fitted with an external drip tray drain facility, CLICK here for details.

Offered to either purchase or rent in both floor standing and table top this cooler is a perfect solution to your office drinking water requirements. Contact us here today for a free no obligation site survey for installation within 2 working days.