Servicing of Office Water Chillers

How often for Mains Fed?

As a member of the WHA (Water Cooler and Hydration Association) the Thirst Alternative Limited are obliged to service your water chillers every 6 months. This is done by our trained water technicians which ensures bacteria levels are kept controlled, and water stays tasting fresh. All water chillers, whether it’s a Waterlogic or AA First require the same attention every 6 months. Some water chillers require a manual clean by sanitisation spray other completely sealed systems require the use of hydrogen peroxide. Noticing the difference between these systems and the steps taken to clean is difficult, which is why servicing is carried out by qualified technicians. You can read the risks of servicing your own water chillers here.

Bottled Water Chillers

Bottled water chillers require more attention, with servicing being every 3 months. This is because the air in the bottle encourages bacteria growth as the chilled water is more exposed, due to this our water technicians do an extensive manual cleaning process.

Beginning a Service

If you are responsible for your office water chillers, its your duty to oversee the quality and cleanliness of your units. The Thirst Alternative Limited provides servicing to any water chiller: bottled, mains fed or more advanced mains fed units like contactless. Servicing can be provided in any area of the mainland UK within two weeks of your call. Take the weight and worry off of your shoulders and let us handle servicing of your chillers. You can contact us here to start the process of beginning a service.

To read about our water chiller servicing process you can visit our main page here.