Should I service my own office water coolers?

Office water coolers – Perform your own service

Has your line manger asked you to perform a service on your companies water cooler – is it even possible? As a member of The Water Dispenser and Hydration Association (WHA), The Thirst Alternative advise against performing this task on your own for a number of reasons.

  • Anyone cleaning a water cooler is legally liable for its performance.
  • The WHA provide a water and hygiene course – have you completed this?
  • There are many different types of water coolers that have specific cleaning regimes, requiring more meticulous attention.
  • Depending on the cooler type, you may need to use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), this in the wrong hands is a hazardous chemical. Have you had training, are you confident using this chemical?
  • Do you know how to control TVC levels inside a water coolers storage tank?

So how often should I service my office water coolers?

All mains fed water coolers require servicing every 6 months, when already tied up with other work commitments time can easily slip away. This may result in mould on the drip tray, cross contamination or a buildup of bacteria inside the reservoir/ tank if a service is missed. This buildup of bacteria can create a biofilm, which harbours germs and encourages rapid bacterial growth. The end result of a missed service is an increase of TVC levels leading to low water quality and a foul taste.

Book your servicing today

Our WHA trained engineers can service your water coolers anywhere in mainland UK prices for a mains fed water cooler begin from £105 for an Ad-Hoc single visit or an annual maintenance pack (covering two visits per cooler, per annum) priced at £185. For more information on servicing and maintenance click here.