Bottle-less Water Coolers in Cheshire

When it comes to bottle-less water coolers in Cheshire The Thirst Alternative Ltd has been supplying offices since 2009 and is rated one of the best water coolers suppliers across the county. Bottle-less water coolers can also be referred to as point of use, POU or mains-fed and are directly plumbed into the mains drinking supply. Essentially, these types of water coolers chill and filter your own offices mains water supply. Installed correctly, they can produce chilled filtered water which tastes just like a different brand of bottled water.

We can supply brand leading bottle-less water coolers such as the familiar Borg and Overstorm range. We also supply chillers from all U.K importers such as Water Coolers Direct, AA First & Chrystal Mountain.

They have many advantages over bottled water coolers aesthetically, economically, environmentally and to top it off they are just easier.

So why go to the trouble of changing your bottled water cooler?

  • Bottle-less coolers never need to be manually filled with heavy water bottles
  • They never run out of water giving a constant supply of fresh, cold and filtered water
  • Think of the environment – we all need to cut down on our use of plastics
  • Bottle-less coolers don’t require storage room – no unsightly bottles
  • No need to constantly order bottles of water
  • They are much more aesthetically pleasing than the old bottled coolers
  • Bottle-less water coolers can provide a substantial cost saving compared to bottled coolers
  • They can be fitted anywhere in the office up to 30 meters away from a mains water supply.

We can supply bottle-less water coolers in Cheshire within 48 hours of your call. Call us today and ask about our free site evaluation. Our dedicated U.K based office team are here to help. To learn more about bottle-less or “mains fed” water coolers click here.

Why not visit our website or call one of our helpful staff now on 01925 235 140 to find out more about the benefits of bottle-less coolers in your workplace.