BREEAM Compliant Water Coolers

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a voluntary measurement rating for buildings that was established by the Building Research Establishment in 1990 in the UK. It’s aim is to assist the buildings manager or facilities manager in the workplace. It is a measure the sustainability of new build non domestic buildings in the UK. To ensure that you install BREEAM compliant Water Coolers, please read the following information carefully.

We’ve produced this research document to assist facilities managers who are considering the installation of potable drinking water units into their new build premises. If you’d like more help then you can find our facilities managers guide check out breeam here.

This BREEM guide should help you choose the correct equipment for you premises.

BREEAM recommends Mains Fed Water Coolers over Bottled type Water Coolers and Drinking Water Fountains.

So how do you ensure that you meet the BREEAM Standards?

The BREEAM standards recommend cooler types and their preferred locations. The are a few points which must be considered for BREEAM

  • The BREEAM compliant buildings should have a wholesome supply of clean, fresh drinking water.
  • Water Supplies to the Mains Fed Coolers should be fed directly from pressurised mains fed water pipes.
  • Water fed from a tank (even if it’s chlorinated) is not recommended.
  • Water Fountains, Bottled fed Water Coolers and ordinary un-chilled Mains Taps do not comply with BREEAM.

For educational buildings and community use/centres

  • The provision of Mains Fed Water Coolers should be accessible to the pupils, students, users and staff throughout the day.
  • If the users do not have access to their own vessels then plastic cups should be provided.
  • One Mains Fed Water Cooler should be available for every 200 users.
  • Mains Fed Water Coolers should be located in safe and convenient locations and clear of all fire exits.
  • The best place to site then is dining halls, classrooms, common rooms, wide corridors, indoor social areas, gymnasia and concourses.
  • It is not recommended to install them into changing rooms due to the presence of potentially higher bacteria counts.
  • Coolers must be attached to the wall and to the floor and contain secure covers to protect all water and electrical connections.

For permanently staffed buildings/office areas

  • Mains Fed Water Coolers should be provided in each staff kitchen or in a suitable location on each floor including the staff canteen.
  • There is no requirement to fix these units to the wall (as explained the previous points above).

Sports/fitness and recreational areas

  • Provision of Mains Fed Water Coolers in each public concourse. It is also recommended to avoid changing areas as above.
  • Coolers must be attached to the wall and to the floor and contain secure covers to protect all water and electrical connections.

To learn more about BREEAM you can visit their website directly check out breeam here.