Buy Borg and Overstrom Water Cooler Filters

Buy Borg and Overstrom water cooler filters direct from us today. The Thirst Alternative are one of Borg and Overstrom recommended distributors in the U.K and the importance of regular maintenance for your mains fed water cooler starts with a correctly fitted filter.

We can ship water cooler filters to anywhere in the U.K so order yours from us today.

Our HE16 Borg and Overstrom water cooler filters fit the following models:





If your cooler is able to dispense hot water then you’ll need a chlorine & de-scale filter fitted instead. Our descale filters help remove limescale which in turn, improves the life our your water coolers heating element. If your cooler also provides hot water too then ask us for our HE17 filter.

Our HE17 Borg and Overstrom water cooler filter which removes both chlorine and limescale fits the following models:





There’s a clear duty on employers to provide drinking water at work, under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. The provision of a mains fed water cooler in your office for staff is a great way to exceed your duties under this legislation.  The Regulations state that an “adequate supply of wholesome drinking water” must be provided, and that it be readily available at suitable and clearly marked places. In other words,If your water cooler is the only place where staff can access drinking water then the onus is on whoever provides for staff welfare to get things right.

Why a filter change and sanitisation is vital for your office water cooler.

According to the EDWCA, water coolers should be sanitised at least every 6 months. The importance of sanitisation and fitting the correct fit for purpose water cooler filter cannot be underestimated. Regular maintenance of your Borg and Overstrom water cooler is vital to help keep bacteria levels in check and your new filter plays a vital role.

So how do water cooler filters actually work?.

The role of the filter is to remove contaminants from the water before it feeds the water coolers reservoir, tank or direct chill coil. A good filter like the HE16C can remove up to 99% of bacteria too. Then there’s the issue of taste. To achieve clean, fresh great tasting water they also need to remove the chlorine too.  

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