Direct Feed Water Coolers for Offices

Direct Feed Water Coolers

Direct Feed water coolers, often known as mains filtered water coolers are fitted into offices and are a direct replacement for coolers with large water bottles on top. Plumbed directly into your mains water supply they are the perfect alternative to storing unsightly large water bottles. The are more environmentally friendly and generally cost less too.

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Below we have listed some benefits of getting one installed.

  • Cost Savings up to 70% – the more bottles you currently use, the more you will save
  • Landlord Permission – Most Landlords welcome installations of mains fed water coolers
  • Environmental savings  – no more deliveries or sending empty bottles to landfill
  • Storage space – no need to store unsightly bottles of water ever again
  • No Fuss – never have to order, check and pay invoices every single month
  • Health & Safety – never lift another bottle or remember to check ‘use by dates’
  • Free Installation – Most coolers qualify for free installation, please ask.

Installation is simple and there are many companies in the U.K. who provide them. Best practice is to use an EDWCA installer who is also qualified under the WRC NSF scheme.

Direct feed water coolers are installed by taking a water feed from the nearest potable supply which is often under the kitchen sink. The flexible water pipe can then be routed through the office walls and ceilings to a location which is ideal for the end user. They can be installed up to 40 metres from a mains fed water source. They are then fitted with taste filters, providing cold filtered water.

Once your plumbed in cooler is fitted it will require regular maintenance and this can often be provided by your supplier.

Once your new water cooler is plumbed into the mains supply you should not be able to see any pipe work. This cooler (right) has been plumbed into a company reception area and the water feed was routed inside the partition wall – up and over the ceiling tiles.

If you require an direct feed water cooler then please get in touch as we’d be happy to hear from you and provide a quotation for our services.

The Thirst Alternative are based in Cheshire and we install filtered water cooler across mainland U.K.

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