Hospitality Water Bottling Systems

Hospitality Water Bottling Systems

Is your company currently ordering masses of bottled sparkling and still water, only to produce a large amount of water waste? New water bottling systems, designed specifically for use in the hotel and the wider hospitality industry, reduce this wastage at a lower price. Robust water tap operated bottling systems can produce both sparkling and still water, this provides an opportunity for a transition from purchasing. Cut costs. Cut environmental degradation.


Hospitality water bottling systems are innovative and impactful, branded glass bottles can be filled and reused with this new system. This reduces waste as the rebottling of water can now be performed inhouse. No need for a middleman. No need for deliveries. No need for environmental harm. Models are flexible and vary in features for your convenience.

  • On bar models
  • Under sink model with exposed tap
  • 2 supply options: chilled still water and cold sparkling water / chilled still and ambient water
  • Multi use of mechanical taps, filling up bottles simultaneously

Aside from environmental and costing benefits, another added plus is quick and simple installation with minimal paperwork. Available on a rental pack with one invoice per year, and services 6 monthly. Zero worry.

Perfect for hospitality, sleek models will fit right into your workspace for efficient use. This is a cost effective, low maintenance solution to provide large quantities of water. Versatile systems are adaptable to front or back of house use, the location is your picking. These water systems are plumbed into the buildings main water supply – providing water on demand for Bars, Hotels, Restaurants or Catering establishments. Enhance the presentation of your brand with a water bottling system.