How to Service an Office Hot Water Boiler

How to service an office hot water boiler

Many offices across the U.K have an office hot water boilers. These boilers are perfect solution to dispensing piping hot water for all those office drinks including tea, coffee and even the odd soup every now and again. So what can you do to keep your boiler in tip top shape?

How to fight scale inside office water boilers

A high limescale content in your mains water (also know as hard water) can damage your office hot water boiler if left unchecked. It’s this “chalk like” scale build up that can damage internal sensors, cause unsightly scale build up on the taps, give your water a terrible after-taste and eventually ruin your boiler. So we’ve hopefully established by now that limescale build up is the enemy of your office water boiler so how do you keep this scale out?…Well you can’t but what you can do is reduce it’s levels by fitting a scale reducing filter on the boilers water feed.

My office water boiler already has a filter – what else does it need?

Fitting a good descale filter to your office hot water boiler is one of the first steps to maintaining your equipment but do you know that a filter should be replaced periodically? There isn’t a filter on the U.K market that will eliminate scale from your boiler and like anything else, they differ widely in quality and effectiveness. Fitting a good WRAS approved limescale filter on the water feed to your boiler is the first step in scale reduction. According to the Water Cooler and Hydrations Association, the filters on office water boilers should be changed every 6 months as this not only keeps bacteria levels low but increases the lifespan of your equipment too.

How to maintain an office water boiler properly

Office water boilers contain all sorts of solenoid valves, elements & fill sensors and even the best filters can’t eliminate scale totally. In time and even with the best filters fitted, your equipment will become overrun with scale which will affect your boilers ability to boil the water effectively. Eventually it will ruin the boilers internal parts leading to a costly repair or in some cases a total replacement. This leads us on to why it’s important to not only change the filters at regular intervals but to arrange a complete internal descale of the boiler itself.

What do our office water boiler service plans include?

Our Office Water Boiler Service plan includes two annual visits to maintain the boiler. In most cases and depending on your boiler type it includes fitting an in-line scale reduction filter. It also includes a complete descale of the boilers tank which is where the fill sensors and element are located. A full sanitisation of the boiler is also performed along with an external panel descale, drip tray descale along with a service card fitted to the rear or side of the machine to indicate when the next service will take place. We can perform this service across most of mainland U.K so please feel free to contact us for further information.