Instant Hot Water Boilers for Offices

Hot Water Boilers for the Office Kitchen.

What’s the best way to provide instant hot water at work?

What’s the best way then?. As a supplier of water boilers to the work place you’d think we’d advise you to rent or buy a new drinking water boiler? No, please read the following article and learn a little more about our recommendations for office hot drinks. If you’d like some advice on the best hot water boilers for the office kitchen then please read on.

Here we look at the available options  and discuss them in a little more detail:

The Works Kettle

The traditional works kettle  may not be the safest item in the kitchen in terms of health & safety  and it’s certainly not the most convenient but for companies with 5 or less staff, it’s probably still the best option. Your office kettle should easily provide 5 mugs of hot water without having to refill. If your staff numbers are small, then renting or buying a water boiler will not be cost effective. Alternatively, if you need to make more than 5 but less than 10 hot drinks in one go, you may wish to consider a wall mounted boiler.  You can find a WA5N wall mounted drinking water boiler here.

A Hot Water Urn

Whilst offering a little more convenience than the office kettle, tea urns can hold up to 20 litres of hot water.  A typical tea urn sits on your kitchen worktop,  is round in shape, made of stainless steel and most are known as ‘manual fill’. This means that someone in the office will need to remove the lid and fill the urn with water. Depending upon how many cups of hot water you need to provide per day, manual fill tea urns can prove time consuming and messy.  They will also need to make sure that  the water level well is kept well above the element.

You will also need to remember to fill your urn with descaled water or find some commercial descaler and set up a regular maintenance routine. Buying a large capacity water boiler and neglecting a regular maintenance routine to keep the limescale at bay will soon become a very expensive mistake. You are more likely to suffer from hard water and scale depending upon whereabouts you are situated in the U.K. Please click HERE for a comprehensive U.K scale map for further information.

A Mains Fed – Auto Fill Water Boiler

If your company has more than 10 staff you might find it easier to have a constant supply of boiling water in your office kitchen.  We provide a range of Instanta worktop hot water boilers which can be plumbed straight into your kitchen water supply. Plumbed in hot water boilers offer health and safety benefits over traditional kettles.   They are a quick efficient way of making office hot drinks and you can see a worktop Instanta 1000c water boiler here.  Once it’s fitted, you’ll never have to fill up the office kettle or the tea urn, ever again.

We offer rental packages on hot water boilers which include regualr descale visits, spares, repairs and a quick response time for service calls. Click here to see our range of Instanta hot water boilers.

So in summary if you are searching for hot water boilers for the office kitchen why not give us a call on the number below. Our staff are more than happy to advise on the best hot water boiler to suit your needs.

Based in Cheshire, The Thirst Alternative are a water cooler & boiler company with a genuine difference. We supply office water coolers & boilers to rent or buy and we can supply replacement water filters too.

Click here to see our range of Instanta hot water boilers.’’ & ‘’Please click HERE for a comprehensive U.K scale map for further information.