Instanta Water Boiler Spares

Are you searching for Instanta Water Boiler Spares, well you’re in luck because we supply all parts for each model. Why spend money on a new boiler when you can repair one for much less?

The Thirst Alternative can help, searching for Instanta Water Boiler Spares.
Instanta Water Boiler Spares

What to do?

First things first, before calling us you will need the make and serial number of your Instanta water boiler. You can find your serial number at the bottom of the right-side panel. We may ask for additional information on your product so make sure to be prepared for that as well!

What can we provide for your water boiler?

Maybe you are looking for a Tap Assembly for you Instanta 1000c, if so, you can buy them here. Along with all the other parts that are a vital for a working boiler. For example, we can provide heating elements, solenoid valves, drip trays, triacs, thermisters, PCB boards, tank gaskets, main control boards and many other parts. If you are unsure on whats spare part you may need, why not give us a call and describe your problem? Our staff are always happy to aid you, so don’t be afraid to ask.

We often come across clients who think their boiler is unfixable and useless, so they ask for outright purchases or a quote for rentals. Often their problem can be fixed with a simple spare part, benefiting not only your pocket but the environment too. You can equire about this through our email, we hope this blog helped with any of your queries on wether we can supply Instanta water boiler spares.

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If you prefer to speak to us you can contact us through this number: 01925 235140