Mains Water Dispensers

Water Dispenser Supplier

The Thirst Alternative are a supplier of mains water dispensers for businesses in the U.K.  We supply our dispensers for rental & purchase.  We supply the Acis range of office water dispensers (pictured below right) which can be installed within 48 hours of your call. Our plumbers can install mains fed water dispensers up to 30 metres away from the nearest water pipe.

If you would like to look at our range of dispensers please click here.

Most of our water coolers can be fitted anywhere into your office and we offer free site surveys for all new customers. If you think you require a site survey inspection please visit this page where you will find further information.

Floor standing Mains Water Dispensers

Floor standing dispensers are ideal if you require a water cooler in the middle of your office. We install the plumbing work which can be taken form the nearest water feed and fed up and over the internal office walls, straight to your water cooler. Once the cooler is sited into your chosen location we then fit a water filter which remove the chlorine, ideal for fresh great tasting water.

Table Top Mains Water Dispensers

A table top version is normally located into the office kitchen, often next to the office water boiler.  They are designed to ‘free up’ floor space. These types of unit are easy to install and mostly do not require a site survey. They are easy to install as the water supply is taken form the kitchen sink.  A simple diagram of a water cooler installed into your kitchen can be found here.

If you require an office water cooler for lease or purchase, why not consider calling us on 01925 235 140.

We can arrange installation within 3 days of our free, no obligation site visit. For mains water dispenser rentals, installation is always free of charge.

For more information about our range, please feel to contact us or telephone 01925 235 140.