Oasis PLF8FPMY STN CAF Wall-Mounted Recessed Bottle Filler

Wall-Mounted Recessed Bottle Filler

Upgrade your business with a new wall-mounted recessed bottle filler. Utilise and save space in your working area by having an in-wall unit that dispenses water. Perfect for tighter fit gym areas where big dispensers will get in the way. These have a higher water capacity than a regular fountain, this makes it ideal for medium or large sized gyms. Models are available in a whopping 70 litres per hour or a more modest 45 litres. Generally, a standard water fountain will produce 25 litres an hour, making wall mounted bottle fillers bigger and better. The large structure of the wall mounted dispenser makes it perfect for filling larger sized sports bottles, this is due to the unit not having a drip tray and using self-draining technology. For your convenience, models are easily cleaned with a wipe since it’s made from stainless steel giving any gym space a sleek look.

Once installed, the units are easy to maintain with a low chance of breaking. The chiller is easy to repair and replace, as its detached and separate from the recessed bottle filler itself. With only three main components to the machine which are the bubbler, the tap and the chiller this turns servicing and maintenance of these units a breeze. However, if you do happen to come across an issue with your unit – give us a quick call. We pride ourselves on our 48 hour response time to call outs.

Why should you consider?

Wall mounted sports bottle fillers are convenient and easy to use and save space exceptionally, the sleek adaptable units will fit right into an office or gym environment. They are designed for a quick and efficient use, ideal for a quick drink in between gym sets with no hassle. Consider upgrading to a wall-mounted recessed bottle filler today. Available to purchase outright or rental.