Office Water Cooler Servicing

Office Water Cooler Servicing

We’ve been doing Office Water Cooler Servicing across the U.K. since 2009. If you have a mains fed office water cooler then according to the Water Cooler and Hydration Association (WHA) it will require 6 monthly sanitisations. Your water cooler should provide fresh, filtered great tasting water and it’s impossible to do this without a regular servicing contract.

office water cooler servicing
Office Water Cooler Servicing

We provide a sanitisation, cleaning and filter change service for office water coolers across the whole of the U.K including some remote parts of Scotland so why not contact us? We can also provide one off or regular servicing and repairs on all type of office water coolers.

Spare parts? Not a problem, just contact us for availability. We can access most spares for the vast majority of the U.K water coolers.

So what does our office water cooler servicing involve?

The cleaning and maintenance of water coolers is not as straightforward as it sounds as many different water cooler types require a slightly different technique. Many water coolers require complete tap removal, others can be cleaned with an Aqua Dosa solution.

Our fully qualified WHA trained engineers will provide the following service:

Alternatively, if you prefer videos, there’s one on youtube here.

Regular Service Procedure to follow 6 monthly WHA guidelines

Advise client of intended service date/time (if possible)

Locate machine and set up “out of service” sign.

Check running temperatures of machine and any obvious signs of problems – check with person responsible if any issues have been raised.

Switch off machine and isolate water supply at cut off valve.

Remove and clean panels.

Wash or wipe hands with sanitisation wipes, put on gloves.

Remove UV lamps where applicable and check condition for abnormal calcification or scratches –   place in disposal box,  fit new lamp.

Spray reservoir with sanitisation fluid or add fluid via Aqua Dosa if sealed tank.

Remove taps if applicable, clean and leave to soak in Sanitisation solution.

Remove and clean drip tray with toothbrush.

Remove filter, place in plastic disposal bag, clean inside of filter housing with sanitisation fluid  and place in bag, remove gloves wipe hands with sanitisation wipes.

Put on gloves, Re – rinse filter housing , unpack new filter and fit.

Rinse filter with at least 2 litres of water.

Reconnect the machine and test function watching for leaks, when running temperatures reached check all functions.

Refit panels and dis-infect taps, and exterior of machine including drip tray, replace damaged parts. Use brush provided and pay particular attention to hard to reach areas such as around taps and inside drip trays. Remove gloves, Re-apply any labels which are damaged. Flush through the machine and check for residues.

If you would like us to perform a service on your water cooler, please call 01925 235 140.