Office Water Coolers in Cheshire

If you are looking for office water coolers  in Cheshire, you first need to determine which kind of water cooler is best for your workplace. The kind of water cooler you may need can change depending on your working environment, for instance the amount of staff that will be using this cooler will be something you need to take into consideration when choosing the best option for you.

A simple choice Mains Fed or Bottled Water Coolers?

Choosing a Mains Fed Water Cooler.

A mains fed water cooler is a water dispenser without a bottle storing the water on top, instead the cooler is plumbed into your mains water system and filtered. This is an option to consider when there will be more then 10 staff using the same cooler, this is due to sanitary reasons and to save money. As a general rule, if you are likely to require more than one water bottle per week then you’re better off with a mains fed version instead. With more people using the one water cooler it would be cheaper to opt for a mains cooler as you wouldn’t have to keep buying more bottles. Mains fed water coolers are more environmentally friendly and they’re better for Heath and Safety in the workplace too.

Choosing a Bottled Water Cooler.

Bottled water coolers can also have their advantages making them another valuable option for you. These coolers are pretty much exactly how it sounds, a water cooler with a bottle on the top that provides water for you to drink. The main advantage of this option is the cost. A bottle of water contains 20l, so if you are consuming on an average less then that a week it will be cheaper. Something that you would need ot be mindful of when considering a bottled water dispenser is storage, you will need somewhere to keep your refill bottles until use. Trust me, they don’t look very attractive near the front door of your facility.

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