Plumbed in Water Coolers in Manchester

Plumbed in Water Coolers in Manchester.

Are you looking for plumbed in water coolers in Manchester? The Thirst Alternative Limited are a provider of office water coolers for the whole of Manchester and being based in Warrington, we’re local too. Whether it’s floor standing or table top water chillers, we’ve got them all listed on our website.

What are Mains Fed Filtered Water Coolers?

More commonly known as mains fed water coolers they offer a brilliant alternative to the traditional office water coolers with bottles on top. At 20 litres per bottle, these bottles can be heavy too. They can also take up valuable office space.  That’s why a plumbed in Water Cooler is best. Plumbed straight into your mains water supply and filtered, this product has many advantages, like saving lots of money for companies with a higher foot fall. You won’t have to keep buying bottles to refill a bottled cooler and you can save the environment by not polluting it with plastic.

It’s time to kick the bottle and save £££££

The more staff you have, then the more you’re likely to save by switching to a plumbed in water cooler. Cost savings are important to everyone but not all cost saving exercises need to compromise on quality. As a general rule of thumb an office with 10 staff will use 4 bottles per month. That’s 80 litres of drinking water at around £5.50 per bottle. Once you add in rental prices of £10 per month and quarterly visits to sanitise, the costs soon add up. The more staff you have, the more bottles you need to buy. Make great cost savings now by visiting our products page. Click the link on the product, then click enquire. We’ll be in touch very soon after.

The Thirst Alternative Limited are a provider of office water coolers for the whole of Manchester
A plumbed in Water Cooler for Manchester

How do you install water coolers in Manchester?

Just call us. If it’s simply a single office water cooler that you require, then we can perform a video call. If you require multiple units then just ask for a free office site survey. One of our team will visit your site, advise on the best location and arrange fitting within 1 week.

Are plumbed in Water Coolers worry free?

Once plumbed into your main water supply, they’re vitually hassle free. No more bottles of water to order, no more storage space to find. We take care of servicing and general maintenance too.  So to answer the question simply, yes – plumbed in water coolers are virtually hassle free. Repairs are swiftly tended to by our staff. Contact us today.

The Thirst Alternative Limited – A provider of Plumbed in Water Coolers in Manchester