Water Cooler Repairs Cheshire

My water cooler is broken.

Has your mains fed water cooler stopped dispensing filtered water?  Are you debating whether to repair your water cooler or replace it by purchasing a new one?.  Before you surf the internet and shop around for spare parts or request  a call out – The Thirst Alternative, a water cooler company based in Cheshire may be able to help.

If it’s simply not dispensing water, we have listed some checks below to help solve the problem.

Firstly, check that the supply to the water cooler hasn’t been turned off…. Your water cooler will have been plumbed in from the nearest mains water supply. Find this supply and check that the valve is in the ‘open position’. Water coolers are generally plumbed in from kitchens or cleaners cupboards and you need to chase the supply pipe right back to it’s source.

Once you have checked the main supply, then next step is to check the ‘shut off valve’ on the flexible feed pipe to the water cooler itself. Most reputable companies fit these valves as it makes it much easier to service their coolers without finding the main water supply pipe. This valve is generally fitted right behind your water cooler. Once you have found this valve, make sure its in line with the feed pipe in the open position.  Another easy way to make sure your water cooler is being fed with water is to close this fitting and disconnect the pipe which comes out of the fitting. Once you have completed this you can slowly open the valve, but make sure you have a bucket handy.

If you have checked both these issues and your water cooler is turned on and still not dispensing  water, it may require a service visit. Please feel free to contact us on 01925 235 140 to see if we can help.