A Safecontractor Approved Office Water Cooler Company

A Safecontractor Approved Office Water Cooler Company in Cheshire

A local business based in Cheshire has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in Health and Safety. The Thirst Alternative became a Safecontractor approved office water cooler company in 2014.

Safecontractor is a leading accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

The Thirst Alternative Limited, based in Warrington is principally involved in the office drinks sector, specialising in the drinking water cooler and water cooler servicing industries.

The company’s application for Safecontractor accreditation was driven by the need for a uniform standard across their water cooler installation business.

Christian Daniels, their MD stated “We already practised the safe installation and maintenance of water coolers in the workplace but we believed that joining the Safecontractor scheme was our next natural step. Although many of our clients don’t ask us for “method statements” and non generic “risk assessments” we do believe that joining the safe contractor scheme would give the smaller businesses the peace of mind that they had made the right choice”.

Safecontractor accreditation will enhance the company’s ability to attract new contracts and its commitment to safety will be viewed positively by its insurers when the company liability policy is up for renewal.

Safecontractor is applicable to many sectors although it is particularly relevant to food manufacture, property, facilities management, schools, retail and leisure sectors, all of which use our contracted services.

Most major organisations simply cannot afford to run the risk of employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound health and safety policies in place.

SAFEcontractor added that “More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that The Thirst Alternative Limited has done. We hope that their high standard has set an example which hopefully will be followed by other companies within the sector.”

“Safecontractor plays a vital role in supporting end users in meeting their compliance needs, whilst working with their contractors as they progress through the accreditation process.”

Under the Safecontractor scheme, businesses undergo a vetting process which examines health and safety procedures and their track record for safe practice. Those companies meeting the high standard are included on a database, which is accessible to registered users only via a website.

Client-organisations who sign up to the scheme have use of this the database, enabling them to vet potential contractors before they work on site. These clients agree that, as users of the scheme, they will employ only those who have received relevant accreditation.

Over 210 major, nation-wide businesses, from several key sectors, have signed up to use the scheme when selecting contractors for services such as building, cleaning, maintenance, refurbishment or electrical and mechanical work.

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