Service Contract – Office Water Coolers

Service Contracts for Office Water Coolers

Here at the Thirst Alternative, we can provide service contracts for office water coolers. Like you, we prioritise hygiene and we can do this through servicing and maintenance of your coolers.  We are a fully audited member of the WHA and our technicians have been fully trained in hygiene awareness and will service all types of mains fed water coolers, bottled water coolers and water fountains.

Water Cooler Servicing

So, are you looking into getting your cooler serviced?. If so, we can visit your site and sanitise each and every water contact part, giving you the peace of mind that your office water cooler is in great condition and more importantly, fit to drink from.

So how often should my cooler be cleaned?

It’s important to keep your office water cooler clean. There’s a tank which holds cold water inside the chiller and bacteria inevitably builds up inside. Bacteria multiplies much quicker inside a dirty cooler too – so it’s vital to keep these levels in check. The WHA recommends that you service your bottled coolers quarterly whereas your mains fed every six months. You may be wondering why bottled coolers need more attention, these coolers are exposed to the air every time you swap out bottles, making them prone to the growth of algae.  In addition, the bottles that sit on top are kept at room temperature and fill with air whenever water leaves the tank, this doesn’t help the algae levels either.

Servicing for Office Water Coolers

Wait, why are clean water coolers important?

When it comes to water coolers, hygiene is of extreme importance and a water cooler that isn’t properly cleaned and serviced could potentially cause health issues. If you’re water cooler is gravity fed then bacteria builds up at the point where the water level meet the air inside, this is right near the ball valve system – and easily fixed. A maintenance visit from a fully qualified WHA technician can reduce the level of bacteria keeping your water cooler squeaky clean.  A qualified technician will also be able identify specific areas inside your cooler which need special attention. A water cooler that isn’t properly cared for regularly also has the potential to break down or become inefficient, meaning it won’t do what its intended for.

You can learn more about our service for office water cooler maintenance by visiting our dedicated maintenance page.