Single Drop Cup Dispensers for Water Coolers

Water Cooler Cup Dispenser Review

A review of cup dispensers on water coolers in the workplace. We take a look at single drop cup dispensers for water coolers. Are they really any better than a standard dispenser for cups?.

Not the most interesting things in the world are they? Fixed to the side of your water cooler holding a sleeve of cups until someone comes along for a drink. Well you could be excused for thinking that the cup dispenser on your water cooler is doing a great job……..but read on.

Some cup dispensers are a breeding ground for bacteria and we’ll tell you why!

Is your cup dispenser fixed to the side of your cooler?

Now let’s concentrate on the cup dispensers that are fixed to the side of standard water dispensers. Normally fixed by a bracket they hold 100 cups and are equipped with a lid. These are not recommended for two main reasons.

  • Picture this.. The lid goes missing in a dusty warehouse and the poor cup on the top now fills with dust and dirt. Not a very tasty drink for whoever takes the very last cup is it?
  • These types of dispenser have prong type grips at the bottom to hold the cups in place. They can’t help but provide more than one cup each time. The user then transfers bacteria from their fingers to the rim of the cup by replacing the cup back through the top of the dispenser. Not conducive to a hygienic drink either.

Are you cups stored upside down inside your cooler?

These type’s of cups dispenser are better but still do have their flaws. Whilst storing them upside down is a great idea to keep the dust away from the cups users do still manage to remove more than one cup per time thus creating bacteria transfer again when replacing the unwanted cups for the next user.

Single drop cup dispensers for Water Coolers.

Is this the most hygienic cup dispenser available in the U.K today? We think so.

This cup dispenser for mains fed water coolers not only has a hinged lid. But it’s push button too. It really does only dispense one cup per press. No more re-filling unwanted cups back into the top. No more remembering to replace the lid. This cup dispenser is designed with hygiene as it’s number one priority. It’s available from us direct. Ideal for Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries or indeed any environment where infection control and cleanliness remains a top priority.