Stand Alone Water Cooler Supplier UK

Stand alone water coolers?

Are you looking to buy stand alone mains fed water coolers? The Thirst Alternative, based in Cheshire provide outright purchase of mains filtered water coolers for the workplace.

We can supply water coolers direct from the distributor and can arrange shipping within 2 working days to the whole of mainland UK. We also supply fitting kits, filters, cup dispensers and replacement cups to help keep your cooler in good working order.

Many clients choose to provide a table top water cooler located inside the office kitchen but If you have space on your office floor then a stand alone water dispenser can provide a more convenient option. They can be plumbed in up to 30 metres away from the nearest potable water supply using John Guest tubing.

Stand Alone Water Coolers – Rental

If you are looking to lease water coolers, we supply a lease/rental service in Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and North Wales. If you buy one from us and your office is based in any of those areas, we can also fit it too.

The Thirst Alternative Limited are a water cooler supplier based in Warrington, Cheshire. We have been supplying water coolers to Cheshire businesses since 2009.

If you require any further information or advice re: buying or renting water coolers or water boilers please contact us for more details and we’ll be happy to advise. Tel 01925 235 140