Touchless Water Coolers UK

Welcome the new touchless water coolers –

The future is here with the new touchless water coolers – enjoy your water without fear of bacteria. Taking the industry by storm this modernised approach could be the way to go! This product can be perfect for your new office protocols since COVID-19 is still very prominent in the world today. This cooler allows users to refill glasses without the touch of a button; therefore, making it better for modern working environment.

So, what types are there then?

 Although the foot pedal and sensor operated are the most commonly known, there are more options for touchless water coolers specifically for you.


Foot pedal operated: There is a single pedal option that activates the water flow, this model only allows one pre-set temperature on the cooler. Whereas the dual pedal allows two, one with access to ambient water, and the other chilled.

Infra-Red Detector (IR) Water Cooler: This machine allows a touch free dispense of hot and cold water, via the sensors. This user simply needs to place their finger over the appropriate button to get their water dispensed efficiently – these sensors activate when the infra-red sensor is blocked by a finger or hand.

Touchless water dispensers: Working like the IR, this model also uses sensors. The difference mainly being they are located inside the dispensing area as opposed to on the top or face of the machine. To activate the waterflow take a cup and place it in the dispensing area.

Phone App/ QR code dispensers:The water cooler of the next generation, this does pretty much what it says on the tin, you can activate the waterflow through your phone, it only requires a stable internet or data connection.

The advantages of these coolers –

These coolers help the prevention of the spread of the virus, some even come with built in protection features like UV sterilisation. You can save money since they tend to last longer, and don’t gen easily damaged. You can also do your bit to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint with these coolers. They are great for places where you want to control the spread of infection, like hospitals, offices, or school staffrooms.

New touchless water coolers, enjoy your water without fear of bacteria, taking the industry by storm this modernised approach
The Borg and Overström B4: the only phone operated water cooler in the UK