Wall Kettles for the Workplace

Wall kettles for the workplace, more often referred to as wall mounted hot water boilers offer the perfect solution for the supply of hot water at work. They can be plumbed in directly from your cold water supply underneath your kitchen sink to provide your office staff with a constant supply of hot water instantly.  They are the perfect solution for those who need hot water without having to wait for the office kettle to boil.

Need help to decide on which model to choose?.

The underlying decision for most companies would be to consider the amount of hot water which is required in one go. This is often called the “instant draw off”.  If you choose the right model, they don’t necessarily have to be encased in a large cabinet either.  For instance this water boiler (top right) is an Instanta WA5N. This wall kettle can dispense 5 litres of hot water in one go. It can also dispense 27 litres of water per hour so you won’t be waiting too long for it to reheat either.  Measuring 43cm high and 28cm wide this small wall kettle can dispense enough hot water  for offices with around 10-15 staff. Wall kettles with a larger capacity are available, please contact us for further details.

Wall kettles are attached to your kitchen wall and the ideal location is directly over the draining board over your kitchen sink. They are fitted with specialist Descale Filters which need changing regularly and your wall kettle provider should be able to provide you with a suitable package which covers servicing and ongoing maintenance too.

The Thirst Alternative supply a whole range of wall kettles so please click here and we’ll be happy to send you a full brochure.

You can rent our wall kettles with a simple straightforward agreement. If you prefer to purchase your equipment from us then we can supply wall kettles which are mostly delivered within 48 hours. You can take a look at our range by clicking here or if you prefer to speak with us, feel free to call us on 01925 235140.

We supply environmentally friendly and energy efficient wall kettles which are thermostatically controlled offering cost savings when compared to workplace kettles.

We can supply both Marco and Instanta wall kettles and our engineers are qualified to install plumbing work into commercial premises.

For more information about our range, please feel to contact us or telephone 01925 235 140.