Water Cooler Cleaning and Maintenance

A Nice Clean Water Cooler

We thought we’d share these photos on our blog of a water cooler we recently cleaned in Manchester. Now we must point out before we start that we had never serviced these coolers before and it was our very first visit to site. The company in question (who will remain anonymous) asked us to service a couple of floor standing Clover D5S water coolers.  After setting up a maintenance contract for them which includes two services per annum with a filter change, we sent Les along to take a look.

Now if there’s one thing that motivates Les, it’s a nice clean water cooler so we were not surprised to receive a phone call from him at the office that went something like this “you know these coolers at ****Ltd you’ve sent me to clean?,  when did the client last have these serviced?”. Now we always ask that question for coolers we’ve never seen before and his answer was 12 months. “12 months” he replied, “more like 12 years they’re full of grey dust”.  Now we’ve seen plenty of dirty water coolers in our time, but never any with ‘grey dust’ so we asked Les to take some pictures on his phone so we could educate our website visitors.

These coolers were in a very dusty environment on a factory floor and they had been installed for over 8 years (right). To be fair to the client, they had arranged to have them cleaned regularly but this time they were over looked. It was also our opinion that those particular models, for that location were not the best option. A more hygienic pressure fed water cooler (such as the Arctic Chill Water Cooler) with a sealed tank and hidden dispense head would have been much more suitable in this location.

Anyway, we hope you like Les’ handy work (left).

If you require maintenance or filter changes on your water coolers, please call: 01925 235 140 for more information or contact us here.