Office Water Coolers Based in the North West

We’re a supplier of office water coolers based in the North West. Please feel free to read through the article to help you identify the correct water cooler for your needs.

There’s a few questions that you’ll need to answer first. This will help you find the most suitable cooler for you. They are as follows:

  • How many staff will have access to it on a daily basis?
  • Do I need contact-less water coolers?
  • Where do I want to site it?
  • Will my staff need to fill up sports bottles?
  • Are the aesthetics important?
  • Is the new water cooler going to be “customer facing”
  • How many litres per hour do I need it to produce?

If you are responsible for searching for new water cooler for your North West based business then why not take a look here. You will find various types of water coolers available to rent or purchase from us with installation inclusive. We’ve now introduced a whole range of contact free water coolers. There’s an extensive range available from those that are best suited to offices and those which would perfect in a school.

The Thirst Alternative, supplier of office water coolers based in the North West.

See the contact free options here.

The first hurdle for North West businesses is to decide whether to opt for a bottled water cooler or a mains fed one. For the purpose of this help article, we are making the presumption that your company has more than 10 staff making a mains fed water unit the cheapest and best option.

First let’s point out some simple prerequisites when it comes to finding a suitable water cooler for the North West and watch out because there are even some water cooler types to avoid at all costs.

Avoid exposed taps!!

Water coolers with exposed taps can often pose a bacteria risk. It is inevitable that people in the workplace will re-use small plastic bottles by filling them up at the works water cooler and returning to their desk to consume its contents.  This process is repeated throughout the day. Letting your staff use these types of plastic bottles is not advised. What tends to happen is that the user will insert the tap inside the bottles neck to re-fill. This causes saliva transfer from bottle to tap, in turn contaminating the tap, leaving bacteria present for the next dispense.

These types of water coolers are more often the cheapest available to buy and rent.

And here’s another point to consider!!

How many staff will have access to it on a daily basis?

It’s important to ask about the “throughput” of your new water cooler. An average water cooler can dispense around 12 litres per hour. This is suitable for up to 15 members of staff. If your office has more than 15 members of staff then you should consider a high use water cooler. You can find an example of a high use water cooler here.

We do hope this article has gone some way to helping you find a mains fed water cooler for your North West based business. Please visit our website for more information and advice about all water dispenser related issues.